Finding a style

Garden designs range from the minimalist, in which the chief concentration is on form and architecture (such as the formal shrub garden), to those with an exuberant character that concentrate more on color and variety [like the informal cottage garden composed mainly of herbaceous perennials and a few edible plants).
In minimalist-style gardens, hard materials or water cover much o( the horizontal surface, leaving relatively little for the gardener to do. This style of garden can be very low mainte­nance hut lacks variety and offers relatively little in the way of seasonal change. As a style, it is ideally suited to formal buildings and it makes an excellent choice for a shady city garden, for example, where many plants will struggle to survive in the relatively low light conditions. To achieve a armonious look, the design requires careful planning. This relation-ship between the horizontal and vertical planes important, and generally this state is executed using straight line rather than solt curves (although garden designers like the la C’harles Jenks experimented with a minimalist style using cun rather than straight lines).

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