Time management

Maintaining a garden well and in minimal time requires organization: You need to assess the tasks that must he done and then plan a schedule of work. If the work is too much for you to handle, you will-need to redesign specific areas (or even the whole garden), so that you can look after it in the time you have available.

It is important that you understand the nature and extent of any maintenance work you will have to do in the garden, and that you keep this in mind when planning the garden. Nothing is more depressing than planning a visually stunning garden that tails to perform because you do not have the time to look after it. Opt for quality over quantity and keep the plants you choose in full health and vigor.
The flower-and-lawn gardens, so popular in the 1940s and 1950s, which still form the basis of what most people regard as a garden, were usually tended by the women of the house, whose largely home-based lifestyle allowed them time to garden. These days, with both partners often working full-time and raising a family as well, there is little time to spare and leisure hours are very precious. I however, the idea of having a garden as a basis of calm in an otherwise over-pressurized world is more appealing than ever.
You can achieve this with intelligent planning and some outlay of time and money at the beginning, but you must start with a plan that can be looked alter in, at most, an hour or two per week. In a smaller garden, this means devoting at least one-third of the space to hard surfacing and ensuring that the remaining plantings are more or less maintenance-free. Evergreen shrubs that have a strong architectural outline and require little pruning are ideal for creating the “bones” of the design, and bulbs and small perennials provide spot color in different seasons.

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