Other Garden Equipment

In addition to the battery of hand tools required, you will need an array of equipment, which is best kept stored in an accessible, handy storage box. Nothing is more irritating than to plan to spend time in the garden, only to find that the string, labels, indelible marker, or whatever you wanted is not in its right place.

String or twine

You will need at least one ball of string or twine, either green or in its natural color. If you buy string in a cellophane wrapper, do not remove the wrapper: simply cut a hole and pull out the end of the string. If you unwrap the ball it will eventually unravel, become tangled, and you will never find the end. Store the string in a dry place to prevent rotting.

Garden wire

In medium or heavy gauge, garden wire is invaluable for training climbers on walls, by fastening it to vine eyes hammered into the wall.

Masonry nails and vine eyes

These arc used when creating supports for wall-trained plants. You will need a hammer with which to knock them in. Masonry nails and vine eyes should be inserted into the mortar joints between bricks.

Ties and supports

All sorts of ties are readily available, from thick, specially made rubber ties for trees to the little plastic and wire strips that are used to close garbage bags. Supports come in many forms.

Plastic gallon jug

This is very useful when diluting fertilizer or insecticidal sprays. Be careful to mark the jug and keep it separated from your everyday kitchen ware!

Labels and marker pens

These are essential. Labels come in many forms, from very fancy metal labels based on old country-house designs to straightforward white plastic labels on which you write the plant names using an indelible marker pen. The marker is essential: pencil disappears and ink is washed oil by the rain.


These are useful when dead heading and for harvesting cut flowers and vegetables. Traditional cane or wooden baskets look much nicer than the cheaper plastic ones and are well worth the extra expense.

Plastic sheet

This is useful for transporting large quantities of leaves or other garden waste.

Lawn bags

Essential it you live in a city and have to dispose of garden waste in the city dump, these are stronger than normal garbage bags.

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