Tools and materials

■ garden line
■ spade
■ wheelbarrow
■ hedging plants
■ organic mulching material

1 Start by marking out the course 0/ the hedge with a garden line.

2 I sing (i spade, dig out the hole for the first plant, and place the soil in a wheelbarrow (this soil can be taken to the end of (he hedge line and used to Jill the final planting hole).

3 Remove the plant from its container and position it in the planting hole, making sure the root ball is at the correct depth.

4 Dig out the hole for (he second plant, and place the soil from this second hole around the roots of the plant in the first planting hole.

5 Adjust the level of the plain’s root ball i (J necessary) and the soil in the pluming hole with the heel o/your boot or shoe. (Repeal steps 3, 4, and 5 until the hedge is completed).

6 Finally, remove the garden line and cover the soil with a layer o/well-ro organic mulching material to supp weeds and retain moisture.

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