Tools and materials

■ clematis
■ bucket of water
■ spade
■ wire mesh
■ ties
1 Before planting clematis, it is important to make sure thai the compost it is grow ing in is well-watered. The best way to do this is to plunge the pot into a bucket of water and let it soak.
2 Lift the pot from the water and allow any surplus water to drain away then removing the plant from its pot.
3 Dig a hole at least twice the size of the plant’s rootball in order to encourage the new roots to grow out into the surrounding soil after planting.
4 Refill the hole, firming the soil around the new plant as the hole is filled.
5 Spread out the shoots to give (hem as much room as possible. For long, straggling shoots, position one tie about ever 1 ft. along the stem to hold I he plan! close to the wire so that the new growth can become established.
5 Where possible, push the DCW growth into the space between the wires and the support structure—as the plan! grows out toward the light, it will cling lo the wires. After planling and tying are complete, water the plant with al leasl 2 gallons of water to settle the soil around the roots.
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