Tools and materials

heavy-gauge woven black plastic
sharp knife
inorganic material (slate chips or gravel)

1 Start by clearing and leveling the area before planting begins. Place a sheet of heavy-gauge woven black plastic over the bed and bury the edges at least 6 in. deep, stretching the plastic as tight as possible.

2 Using the heel of your boot or shoe, firmly close the groove in the soil that is holding the plastic sheeting.

3 Holding a sharp knife, cut a cross in the plastic at I he point where each plant is the placed, and fold back the/laps of plastic to reveal the soil beneath.

4 Using a trowel dig out a planting hole large enough to accommodate the root ball of the plant.

5 Holding the plant by its root ball, place it through the plastic into the hole, with the base of the root ball on the base of the hole. Using the trowel (or your hands, if you prefer), pull the soil bock into the hole around the plant, and Jinn gently into place.

6 Immediately after planting, (old the plastic-flaps back into position around the base of the plant. Pour piles of inorganic material like slate chips or gravel, onto the plastic around the base of the plants un spread out evenly. Finally, cover the whole area of plastic with a layer of the same malarial, spreading it evenly over the plastic until the plastic is completely hidden.

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