Repeat flowering

It you want your bulbs to (Bower once again in their second year, you must feed and water them when their first flowering is over. This provides the necessary nutrients for the bulb (in effect a Storage organ) to produce the following year’s flowers. Do not remove the leaves until they are completely dead, as they are needed to manufacture food for the plant. Before planting, fill the prepared hole with water il the soil is dry, and then mix a small quantity of honemeal (or another similar fertilizer) into the base of the hole. Position the plant so that the crown is level with the surface ol the surrounding soil, then fill in the hole. Finally, firm the soil around the plant carefully with the heel of your boot or shoe.

Planting perennials

It is usually best to plant Out hardy perennials in either autumn or spring. Fall planting offers the best opportunity for the plants to establish themselves before the flowering season.

Planting annuals

Annuals raised in containers under cover are planted out in the same way as perennials, but this time you can dispense with the bonemeal at the base of the planting hole. Annuals that have been grown in biodegradable pots can be planted without removing the pots first, making handling a lot easier.

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