Tree roots

Trees and shrubs are quite an investment, both in terms of cost and their contribution to the garden . It pays to ensure that they get oil to the best possible start by planting them carefully. Check first that the chosen shrub or tree is appropriate for the conditions in your garden: some have preference as to soil type and condition—for example, azaleas and rhododendrons will grow successfully only in acidic soils. Second, make sure that the chosen plant is not likely to cause problems.

Digging the hole

The planting hole for any tree should be dug wide enough and sufficiently deep to accommodate not only the existing root ball, but also the exploratory nature of the roots as they gradually push farther and wider in search of nutrients.
While it may be tempting on a cold autumn day to dig a hole for the tree as fast as possible and cram the young plant into it, the result will be a tree that appears to sit and sulk as a consequence. This is because you have effectively prevented the roots from searching out th
necessary nutrients and moisture so that the plant goes into a state of semi-dormancy. The result is less growth in the short term, although the tree mave begin to make more progress as it grows older.

Providing support

Planting a tree requires a similar technique to planting a perennial, except that with a tree you will need to provide a support for the single stem; the support is not to prevent it from falling over, but to prevent it from moving around too much when there are high winds that cause it to rock, thereby


The planting hole must be wide and deep enough to take the root ball and to allow for future root development.

1 Mark out and dig the planting hole to about twice the diameter and depth of the tree’s roofs.
2 Break the sides of the hole with a fork, to allow the roots to grow into the soil around the planting hole.

1 Plant the tree and then fill the hole with soil, spreading it evenly around the roots and finning down each layer.


It is essential that you provide young trees with adequate support so that they are not rocked around during windy weather.
1 Position the stake at 45 degrees to the plant’s stem and about 10-12 in. above ground level
2 Tie the tree to the stake, making sure there is a spacer between them to prevent rubbing.
3 Make sure the tie is about half inch in below the top of the slake to prevent the stem from hitting it. destabilizing the roots and preventing them from doing their work properly.
Planning ahead

A mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees provides the best framework for a garden. Even a small garden needs at least one small tree in order to provide some vertical interest. Knowing the ultimate size of the tree (height and branch spread) before choosing it will save you time, trouble and money later on. If you plant a young tree too close to other trees and shrubs, you will have to remove and replant it elsewhere within the first five to ten years of its life. To avoid this, visualizing the trees height and spread in about 20 years’ time will enable you to plan your planting accordingly.

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