Planting in water

When it comes to creating interest in the garden, water is in a class by itself. Whether the water is moving or not is a matter of personal preference, but either way, it will attract wildlife in the form of animals, birds, and insects.
Ponds create a tranquil atmosphere in a garden that can be difficult to beat with any other feature. The sound of moving water is especially peaceful. At the same time, your pond can become a hive of activity, especially if you want to encourage wildlife to make use of your pond areas.
The pond year begins in spring as the water temperature begins to rise. Although it takes longer for the water to become as warm as the surrounding soil, slowly but surely the plants in the pond will start growing. Ideally, aquatic-plants should be moved or transplanted while they are actively growing, as they actually
reestablish better il moved during this time. Although many pond plants will produce large quantities of growth, they can be relatively slow to establish, so the best time to move them is in late spring. This will give them the maximum amount of time to grow and establish themselves in their new surroundings before the following winter.
You can grow most pond plants in submerged basket-like containers or cylinders such as clay drainage pipes. This makes the management of the pond and its plant population easier, because the plants can be lifted out of the water and tended to before being reintroduced to the pond. The main advantage of growing aquatic plants in containers is that it gives the gardener a greater degree of control over the plants environment, because many of these species will put on large quantities ol leafy growth if their roots are allowed to grow” in an unrestricted area.

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