Tools and materials

  • suitable containers
  • compost
  • bricks
  • water plants
  • stones or pebbles

1 impossible, ill (oral least half-fill) the pond with water several days before any new plants arc introduced to allow any sediment to settle and the temperature stabilize. There possible, position the planting containers, such as (his drainage pipe, ill this stage, leaving them part full of compost and ready for planting.

2 Position the plant into the drainage pipe so that the root ball sits on the layer of saturated compost and press the plant firmly into position. This is particularly important, because some plants may float if they are not firmly anchored.

3 II is important to ensure that plants are out their correct depth in the pond. They are too deep, they will die due to lack of oxygen, House bricks can be placed in the wiiler to stand containers on and keep the plant growing at its ideal depth. The bricks should be soaked in water/or several days to wash out any chemical residues be/ore being placed in the pond.

4 Once the bricks are in position iii the water, place the container of your choice on them.

5 You can place a layer of stones or pebbles on the surface of the compost to slop soil and peal particles from floating to the water’s surface.

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