Propagation equipment

Propagation equipment
If you plan to propagate your own plants, you will need to know the appropriate conditions in which to raise them. The ideal place is a greenhouse, provided it has some form of heating in winter, and shading and ventilation in summer. II you cannot afford a greenhouse, then soil-warming cables in a garden frame provide a good alternative. For small-scale propagation, a small table by a window or a wide window ledge will be adequate, although a heated propagating case (in effect, a mini greenhouse) will certainly improve your chances of success.
Although not vital, it helps to control the two factors that most influence successful germination: warmth and moisture. A propagating case is also recommended for use in a greenhouse. In addition to ready-made propagation units, you can construct your own in various was. Covering trays with sheets of glass or clear plastic wrap is a simple option. You can cover pots of cuttings with cut-down clear plastic bottles, or you can make your own mini cloche from wire hoops and plastic sheeting. Alternately, you could use a he,ited propagation unit, which can warm the compost to a temperature of 59°F in winter and early spring, which is ideal for most temperate region plants. tropical plants require more heat, however.
Basic propagation equipment
The basic equipment you will neeel consists of seed trays and pais, a pressing hoard for firming compost, a pair of shears, and a sharp garden knife, as well as labels.
Propagating unit A propagating case helps to ensure successful germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings.

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