Hardening off

Normally, the seedlings are placed in a cold frame outdoors, in which the ventilation is progressively increased over 10 days or so until the seedlings are fully acclimatized. If you do not have a cold frame, put the seedlings outdoors during the day only and bring them in again at night. Then, once the nights are less cold, you can leave them outside overnight before trans-planting them into their final outdoor positions.
Sowing outdoors
You can sow seeds of many hardy plants, including hardy annuals, directly into their I lowering positions once the soil warms up in spring. II you sow seeds directly into the soil, you must.
Hardening off
Once the seedlings have been transplanted into individual pots or cells and are growing strongly, they can he hardened off to acclimatize them to life outdoors.
Broadcast sowing is a useful technique for hardy annuals, salad vegetables such as radishes and spring onions, and green manure crops such as comfrey or mustard.

1 Rake the soil to form a finely tilled seed bed, remove any /urge stories, and break down lumps of earth. I his will leave the soil with a fine layer on the top surface.
2 Our a few of the seeds from the packet into the palm of your hand
3 Sow the seeds by scattering I hem evenly over the soil surface. Sow from a height of about / ft. above soil level.
4 Lightly rake over the seed bed in at least two different directions to incorporate the seeds into the soil and to avoid gathering them into clusters. Label the seed bed.

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