Seeds are often sown slightly thicker than required to allow for losses. At some stage, these seedlings will need to be thinned out.
Remove sections of unwanted seedlings with a hoe to leave small, manageable groups. Then thin out the groups of seedlings by hand, carefully removing the unwanted seedlings and leaving the strongest one at each position, or “station.”
Drill sowing is a good technique for growing various annuals and perennials, as well as most vegetables, allowing you to see immediately when seeds have germinated and to remove weed seedlings from between the drills easily.
1 Rake the .soil to form a finely tilled seed bed, break up large lumps of earth, and remove any (urge stones. Mark out the rows with a garden line (keeping it taut).
2 Using a draw hoe or cane, make a groove in the soil to form the seed drill.
3 Sow the seeds thinly into the drill by hand, aiming for a set distance between the seeds. Never sow them directly from the packet.
4 Using a rake, draw the soil bach into the drill, covering the seeds. Gently pat the soil firm over the seeds using the bach of the rake.

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