Looking after your plants will involve you primarily in (ceding and watering, and also in pruning. In addition to these basic tasks, you will also need to support some of your plants, particularly climbers, to
prevent them from flopping over. To prolong the flowering season of any plant, it pays to remove any dead or dying flowerheads so that the plant docs not set seed (which will automatically prevent it from making any additional blooms). Deadheading is a task that should be carried out regularly throughout the flowering season, although you will find that it needs lo be done most frequently during summer.
• With most gardening chores, it pays to spend small, regular periods of time in the garden— perhaps half an hour every other day—rather than trying to cram in everything during the weekend. You can deal with small chores such as deadheading and watering as you walk around the garden. Pruning is also best done this way, as and when individual plants have finished flowering, rather than in a once- or twice-yearly hit.

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