Water features in a garden

If you have a pond in your garden you should find it relatively easy to maintain, but occasionally you will have to clean it out to remove any leaves and other debris that may have built up in the base of the pond. No pond should be installed near deciduous trees. If yours is in this position, you will have to cover it with a net during autumn to catch the fallen leaves.
II you have water plants in the pond, you will need to check regularly to see it they have become too big for their pots. If so, they will need to be potted into larger containers (or, alternately, you can prune their roots). Autumn is a good time to do this. If you have a pond liner, be very careful not to damage it while carrying out maintenance tasks like these.
Tranquil haven
A pond can be a precious asset to your garden, so it is well worth carrying out maintenance tasks to keep it looking its best.
You must take any fish out of the pond before you attempt to carry out any maintenance. Remove them using a net and keep them in a shady spot in a container filled with pond water. Leave the pond to settle for at least 24 hours before you return the fish to their home. II necessary, use a specially formulated water-balancing chemical to improve the quality of the water. In really cold weather, you may need to prevent your pond from freezing over. II you do not deal with this problem, gases may build Protecting water features lightweight ball can help to prevent your pond or water feature from freezing over.

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2 Responses to Water features in a garden

  1. Jan says:

    I love ponds especially with lots of kois

  2. lemo says:

    Thanks for appreciation jan

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