Your pond should be cleaned to remove debris that has accumulated throughout the year. Before cleaning, any beneficial creatures, such as water snails, should be placed in a shallow tray of water so that they can be reintroduced to the pond once you have finished.
1 Empty the pond by bailing it out with a bucket, or pump the water out by attaching a hose to the pump outlet.

2 Remove any soil, mud, and plant debris from the bottom of the pond. Put pond animals in a tray of water.

3 Using a stick brush, scrub the sides oj the pond, applying a weak solution of sterilizing agent.

4 Clean (he sides and bottom with a powerful water jet. Allow (lie pond surface to dry. then refill.

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3 Responses to CLEANING A POND

  1. Duralee says:

    Thanks for the article of Cleaning A Pond. I am in the midst of deciding if I wanted to put a pond in so appreciate your sharing that as I have a much better idea how to upkeep the pond once I get it.

  2. sue says:

    you gave so much useful techniques for cleaning a pond.thank you so much….because i didn't find so much articles on the topic-Cleaning a pond.actually i love water features and i was very keen 2 have 1 in my garden but worried about the cleaning so thanks a lot for solving my problem.

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