Water delivery
There is a wide a range of watering equipment available (see pages 74-75), but you need to ehoose those items most suited to your needs and your style of gardening. You will almost certainly need a watering can and .i garden hose. If you have a lawn ,iiul your climate suffers from dry spells, you would be well advised lo invest in a lawn sprinkler as well. If you are away from home a lot in the summer, consider installing a water sprinkler system that is operated by a moisture sensor, which activates the system when the soil becomes too dry.
There is a wide range of special irrigation systems designed lo cope with all kinds of garden layout, and your choice will be dictated In your circumstances.
The two most common forms of irrigation arc the basic “leaky pipe” system and more elaborately designed systems with valves and nozzles that deliver water to specific areas.
How to water
Although this sounds absolutely basic, a great many gardeners do not water their plants efficiently, wasting large quantities ol water in the process. The point of watering is to ensure that the moisture reaches as far as the plant’s roots. It follows that water needs to be directed toward these, and also that it is directed for long enough to seep through the layers of soil to moisten these roots. A gentle, regular supply over a longer period is much more effective than lots of water poured on too quickly.

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