Preventing moisture loss

Preventing moisture loss
No one wants to spend all their time watering, so it makes sense
to explore ways to reduce moisture loss. The most effective method of minimizing water for is through mulching—covering the surface ol the soil with a Liver of porous material that will help to prevent evaporation, hi larger gardens, you can spread plastic sheeting over the beds, topped with a layer of organic material. Gravel is also a useful mulch. particularly lor small areas such as containers or pots.
Mulching the surface of the soil helps to conserve moisture. You can use inorganic substances, such as gravel, or those that add nutrients, such as homemade compost, bark chips, or straw.
The mulch will need to be replaced every year or so.
Gravel Membranes, such as woven plastic or plastic sheeting, are effective but look unsightly. Cover with ornamental gravel.
Organic mulches Shredded bark or wood
chips, will compost if in contact with the soil. Fungal molds may grow—these do not harm plants.
The right depth provide good weed control and prevent moisture loss from the soil, organic mulches should be 2-4 in. deep.

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