When to water

Avoid watering in the heat ol the day. Many plants are susceptible to leaf scorch ii the leaves arc soaked when in strong sun. Also, some water will evaporate before it can penetrate the soil.
If you have timed watering devices, set the timer to early morning or late evening.
Special watering needs
If you grow plants in containers, you will have to pay special atten-tion to their need for moisture, lerra-cotta pots arc very porous and moisture quickly evaporates. You can help preserve the moisture content of the compost by mulching the top of the pots with gravel. Hanging baskets arc especially vulnerable to moisture loss. In really hot weather, water them twice a day.
Reviving a wilted plant (above) Plunge the plant into a bucket oj water until bubbles
slop rising to the surface.
Plants growing in full sun (except those originating from Mediterranean or hot climates)
need to be watered more frequently than those in shade. Plants with larger leaves require more water
than those with smaller leaves, and plants in containers dry out particularly fast.
Small leaves Small-leaved plants need less watering lliaii those with large leaves, but all container plants need frequent watering.
Large leaves The large surface area o) these leaves means thai moisture is lost quickly. Position the plant so that watering is easy.
Containers Position containers in groups. This makes watering less o) a chore, especially in hot weather when frequent watering is required.

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