Feeding your plants

Before feeding your plants gooseberries grow, you need to decide whether or not you wish to follow organic principles. If you do, you will need to use organic fertilizers only. These are obtained from “natural” waste of plants and animals: rotted-down leaves and plants, or the excrement (often with bedding) of animals and birds (mostly horses and chickens, because the mix of manure to bedding is not too rich).
Whether or not you choose to limit yourself to organic feeds is a matter of personal choice. If you arc happy using ordinary fertilizers, there are some suitable for ever)’ plant and situation. II you do choose to use manure as an organic feed, it will need time to rot down before being applied to the soil. I he bulk supplied by the bedding helps to improve the soil structure; it also dilutes the quantities of nitrogen in the manure itself.
Because ol this, bulky plant foods are normally added in autumn, to give them time to break down over winter. Feeding programs with fertilizers usually begin in early spring, when most plants are emerging from winter dormancy. They are then led throughout the growing period. Watering is essential during this time, as the feeds need to be absorbed into the water that the plant takes up. Applications are usually given about once a month.

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