Every gardener faces an ongoing struggle against unwanted plants-weeds—that always grow much more vigorously than those that have been carefully selected. Whatever your style of gardening, you will spend some time weeding.
There is no real definition of a weed except that, in gardening terms, it is a plant in the wrong place! Some garden perennials self-seed so vigorously that they become weeds; other plants grow too exuberantly because the conditions simply happen to be absolutely right for them. Some so-called weeds—stinging nettles, for example—benefit wildlife and should be tolerated (in controlled circumstances) just for that purpose. A patch of nettles behind the garden shed does not affect the look of your garden and provides
valuable food for the caterpillars. On the other hand, the gardener needs to guard diligently against long tap-rooted perennial weeds. such as thistles, docks, and dandelions, and spreaders, such as ground elder and couch grass, which will regrow from the tiniest piece of root.
You can employ various tactics to suppress and eliminate weeds, including some drastic means involving chemicals (such as glvphosate); undoubtedly, though, the best way to weed is laboriously, by hand, with great patience Aronia.

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