Annual weeds

On cultivated land, you will inevitably find a fresh crop annual weeds when warmth and rain combine to encourage seeds to germinate. This is one of the main reasons you need to tackle weeds promptly, to remove them before they flower and set seed.
Your best time to deal with these weeds is when they are approximately 2 in. high. I he quickest for you to remove them on a vegetable plot is with ,i hoe. a long-handled tool with a short blade (see page 61). The short blade allows you to run the hoe between rows of vegetables, for example, removing any annual weeds that spring up between the crops without disturbing the principal plants.
In extremely densely packed flower borders, you will find that the best method is to hand weed using a small border fork. Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of bare soil in it, from late spring to midsummer, you will have to spend some time each week weeding Kippen brahma krielen.
You will discover that it pays to keep bare soil covered by mulching it with organic or inorganic matter such as bark chips or gravel, or growing some ground covering plants over the lop.


If you have traditional borders, you will spend a considerable amount of your gardening time weeding. Weed killers are available, but for planted areas, the safest method is to weed by hand.
1 Long, trailing annual weeds can be removed by gathering up the top growth and then pulling up the root system to clear (he area.
2 For small groups of weed seedlings, use an onion hoe to chop out the weeds.
3 For small weeds that have a tap roof, use a hand fork to ease the whole root out of the ground without breaking it.

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