Soy – Utrecht

My heart started beating faster when I read the message that there is a Chinese-vegetarian restaurant / takeaway open in Utrecht, called Soy. I was a fan of The Old Spot in Rotterdam, so I hoped only too happy that they were similar in terms of food and taste. And that turns out to be so too! The owners of The Old Spot and Soy are even family of one another.

After the first reports about this restaurant it was time to yourself to go there to taste. Arriving at the restaurant looked good smart. Compared to The Old Spot is the style that younger and hipper, but with some Chinese / oriental elements in between.

Inside there are tables and chairs. Although the focus seems to be on collecting, there is still opportunity there with small groups present. The first thing I thought was on his way to this restaurant or the sate as well as would be the original location. So as a starter, I took apart from a natural spring rolls serving satay. Delicious. The Spring roll are just plain good. And the satay is very good and tastes like those in the original location. Perfectly normal, and also fairly close to my hometown, which is certainly pleasant, but then again not as good as I look out my line After the egg rolls opgesmikkeld long, it was time for a main course. I chose to chop suey with vegetarian “chicken”. I got a large plate. And it tasted great!

It was a bit much, but even then I had already initiated some mini spring rolls and satay had, so was already a bit full
Soy in Utrecht is definitely a must! For those familiar with what The Old Spot serves recognition is much to be found.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here's antoher fan of Soy! We live nearby and every now and then we order takeaway food. It's fresh and delicious, very friendly people.

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