Cat Fence

We have 2 castrated males, but living along a busy road. Our cats are always indoors, because we are afraid that they would be run over. They have long liked only on a leash outside, until we heard Cat Fence system. After having obtained some information, we decided to try the system.

We have a small system now 2 months and it works perfectly. Only the “cat fence” separating them with corresponding flags of the road. We do not usually let them out without us there in person to them a bit in the monitor, but usually there are no “corrections” from us.

Occasionally they go in the area where the warning signal. Usually it’s enough to make them go backwards, but sometimes their curiosity is still big enough to go further. Then they get a spark from the wire and dashing them to the terrace there are then very indignant look. The transmitter is on the lightest setting and is sufficient for them to change minds. Even during a chase of another cat in our garden, a small shock was enough to let them stop.

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