Light mayo Gouda’s Glorie and the Jumbo Plus

Provamel raspberry / vanilla yofuutjes
Provamel vanilla yofu
Mill Aartje Potato Snacks
The Hobbit Hummus
Peanut butter Krekeltje
Original Source shower gel
Taifun sausage
bella caro
billy’s farm speculoosjes
so yeah vanilla soy ice cream, the chocolate flavor is delicious!
windows (of which woknoedels Conimex)
Zonnatura of chai cha yogi tea
healthy planet sausages
mori now silken tofu
fresh spinach
rempejek = savory peanut biscuits
pistachio nuts
kiwi gold
the walnut cake from my hard ekoshop
Peanut butter with raisins v Horizon
Red Wood Mozzarella
Zonnature Pate
Natural Provamel yofu
Cranberry nut mix vd Aldi
Rice Dream Rice Milk
Nori seaweed and Hiziki =
Tamari Tofu vd Morgenstond
Rituals Green / Jasmine Tea
Yogi Tea Mexican Spice
Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo v
Origine Oerbrood with an HP sausage
Tofutti Cheddar Cheese
The seasoned tofu strips of the Hobbit!
Seitan is also the supreme Hobbit.
Champion Citizens of dawn
Biover Biobaby’s (potatoes)
Tofutti Creamy Smooth Garlic & Herbs
Egg rolls of healthy planet
Smoked tofu with almonds and sesame
Tofutti Mango & Passion Fruit Ice

Bonvita Organic Rice Milk Chocolate Couverture, Diary Free, Fair Trade, Gluten Free. (It tastes VERY for milk chocolate)

Bars by mail within … and they look really nice. very sweet, I think, but it comes with … See
also recommended is their “bounty bar” jum
AH croissants
Cashew Butter (Nature Store)

-Green beans
-Parsnip (stampot!)
-Those little baby potatoes in their skins that you can eat
Chestnut mushrooms (well, maybe not really fruit, but nice)
-Cherry tomatoes
Blood oranges
-Goldreneit for homemade applesauce
Gala apples
Blue berries

list could go on endlessly …

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