What is ecological gardening?

Ecology is the study of the relationship between animals, plants, humans and their environment.

Ecological agriculture is a system that takes into account that ecological factors, so all those relationships, and in such a way that no other detrimental factors.

You can “ecological” is translated as environmentally friendly, with a minimal environmental impact or contamination, or even a positive effect on nature and environment.

Both “organic” and “ecological” indicate that with nature into account. The subtle difference lies mainly in the fact that “organic” mainly refers to the consequences for their own health while “ecological” effects of environmental stresses.

As the term “ecological” is, it always also “organic” are called. The reverse is not always true.
An example is a biological product seaweed calcium. In a growing system that is “ecological” call to hear the less at home, since mass cultivation of seaweeds ekosysteem a lime (the Brittany coast) in the war sent.

Everything has a detrimental effect on the environment by ecological gardeners deliberately omitted wherever possible. They do not saddle their environment with persistent toxic substances from pesticides.
An important reason for not using fertilizer for them the fact that the production of many non-renewable energy demands. Fertilization Techniques to water pollution fueling, inspecting them.
Through the compost heap recykelen them as much as possible organic material. They use only mineral fertilizers used in the ecological balance of the reclamation site to minimize disruption and no bad effects on the environment.
Above all they take care not only unsprayed vegetables, but also to maintain soil fertility.
Without that precious commodity, there is no lasting lanbouwsysteem conceivable.

Remember all this it does matter what everyone in his small vegetable garden does. In Belgium alone, the gardens private estates account for thousands of acres of land! Or as they say in England: “Every garden counts”

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