Bonsai wiring to a beautiful plant to form

Wiring bonsai branches to get in shape. Wiring a bonsai is an important method to branches in the desired shape. By special copper wire wrapped around branches, you are able to bend into the desired shape and direction. Wiring a bonsai must be very carefully done, as the crack of the tree damage can share easily die. Therefore, special techniques for safe wiring the branches. Branches of various thicknesses, various wire thicknesses of copper wires. Thin branches are wired with copper wire 1mm thick branches are wired with copper wire of 1 to 10 mm. Thick branches are sometimes in order to prevent damage during bending, first omgewikkeld with raffia (available at any garden center). Strains can also (if they are not too thick) can be bent.

Wiring Methods:

There are two ways to wire branches:

    1.  “Duo wiring”: wiring two branches, which are at different heights and about as thick, with a wire. (double figure 1)
    2. “Some wiring”: wiring a branch with a first thread that a few times around the trunk / main branch is wound. (Figure 2 only)

These two methods are often used simultaneously: first, whenever possible branches wired to the first method, the remaining branches, which can not be wired in pairs, only wired.

How to wire:

Pair wiring

   1.       Find two branches to the trunk / main branch growth of approximately equal thickness, there must be at least 3 cm and 6 cm between the two branches.
   2.    The wire you use for the two branches to wire to the proper length to cut, hold the thread for this here along the branches, so to see how much thread you need since your rope around the branches and trunk wraps you some extra length into account.
   3.   Wrap the wire at least once around the stem, it is best to do this twice to ensure that the wire will not move. Wrap the wire always an angle of about 45 degrees to the trunk / branches! In this way the wire is not growing.
   4.  Now think of your arms upwards or downwards want to consider: if you want to bend the branch down (see Figure 1, blue arrow), the wire must come from below. Want to branch bending upwards (see Figure 1, red arrow) then the wire come from the top.
   5.  Wrap the wire around the branches continue to pay attention well on the angle of 45 degrees.

  6.   After the entire tree is wired, you can go gently bend the branches. Young branches can easily be changed direction, or thicker lignified twigs less easy: so be careful not to break!

Some wiring

   1.  Wrap in a 45 degree angle one piece of wire up the trunk / main branch, make sure the wire is wrapped around at least twice before you go to the branch wiring.

2.  Now wrap the wire around the branch, again, that when you bend a branch down to the wire must come from within. If you want to bend a branch up the thread from above.

3.   Try different cables neatly together to wrap around when you have multiple branches to wire.

The Aftercare

The tree does not require special care after wiring.
After about half year should be removed because the wire (through thickness growth) will grow into the threads otherwise. Some species have more diameter growth than other types, so it is hard to tell where the wires should be removed. Keep the tree just a good eye and when you feel that the wires ingrown get them away.

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