Your bonsai fertilizer ensures a healthy and controlled growth

Fertilize your bonsai is very important, because they are in small pots with few nutrients. By regularly and in a good way to fertilize you ensure a healthy and controlled growth.
File Sharing manure
All types of manure have an NPK value, which is essential for applying the right fertilizer. N is the chemical name of N, P for phosphorus and K for potassium. Besides these substances are there in manure also substances such as sulfur and calcium. All ingredients of fertilizer have their own operations, but for fertilizing bonsai should primarily take into account the NPK value:

N (Nitrogen) = Ensures overall growth.
P (Phosphorus) = Promotes the development of buds and fruit.
K (Potassium) = important for making your winter hardy bonsai.

As you can see, N is important for growth, and K just before stopping growth to ensure that your trees survive the winter. Will be clear that during the spring and summer, manure should be selected with a high N value. During the late summer and autumn, a fertilizer with a relatively high K value are used. The use of “Bonsai-manure” is absolutely not necessary, the only thing to note is the NPK value! It does not matter if the manure from a known brand. Some expensive fertilizers are exactly the same as cheaper types.


When to fertilize
Normally there should be fertilized from April to October, this varies for each species. Solid manure should not exceed two times per month are applied liquid manure may be used once a week. It is best to use manure to soil, liquid manure can be used for foliar feeding.

How to fertilize
For bonsai only half the recommended amount of fertilizer for houseplants example! A tree may be two months after repotting not fertilized because the new earth enough nutrients release. Young trees that are still in training, may be fertilized more often quiet, especially if they are in larger pots. Which fertilizer you use does not matter, the only thing important is the use of NPK fertilizer with the right value at the right time.

In the early spring and summer should be chosen for a fertilizer with a high N-value, so the growth is stimulated. Choose a fertilizer with an NPK value of up to 05/10/1915 (NPK). For bonsai, it is wise not an excessively high ratio fertilizers.
Trees that are already fully formed just too hard to grow here use a value of up NPK 5-10-5.

In the late summer and autumn growth are stopped so the tree energy stabbing in the creation of reserves in order to survive the winter (this is called hardening), in addition, the buttons so they are healthy in the spring runs. Choose a fertilizer with a low N-value and a high K value, for example: 05/05/1915

Foliar feeding
Foliar feeding, the name says it all, the fertilizing of the leaves. Because liquid fertilizer to dissolve in water (use up to half the recommended amount of fertilizer for houseplants) and this misting the leaves relieves you root system. By applying foliar feeding the leaves are larger, so use the trees that were not fully formed!

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