Bonsai: calendar with monthly tips for bonsai trees

Bonsai care per calendar month

In this table to find the care needed per month. Obviously, not all are listed, the most important parts are, however, describes them.



If the bonsai stand outside to protect them from temperatures below freezing by covering them with straw or leaves.
* Oak insects must be controlled.


* Another tree regularly check for insects.



Alder, hazel and elm start to bloom.
* Most trees should now be removed from their winter home or if the tree has wintered out of straw or leaves should be cut off.
* All conifers can be repotted now and it’s the best time for root pruning.


In April, then all trees again only the oak, maple and beech may have to wait.
* Because many trees you can now anticipate a lot more water and fertilize again footing. The types of bonsai can be done safely. Watch out for frost.
* Wiring a bonsai is easy because the trees have not been fully anticipated. Note that the thickness growth is currently very strong, remove the wires on time.



Now the oak, maple and beech failed.
* The oak and beech may be pruned later in the month.
* A good fertilization is important.



Most deciduous trees should be pruned regularly now.
* The tribes are now back thicker.


* This is the hottest month in the year so be sure that the soil does not dry out!


* This month may well be repotted pine trees.
* The trees properly check for insects.


* The seeds of most trees can now be collected.
* Now you may again give fertilizer, use a fertilizer with high potassium content in order to ensure timely hardening.


* The autumn colors will start with the most trees.
* In early cold trees have been protected.


* Standing outside bonsai you properly protected from frost.



Keep checking the trees humidity, watering, if necessary.

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