Grow bonsai from cuttings or Sashiki in Japanese

Grow bonsai from cuttings (Sashiki) Sashiki is the Japanese name for obtaining Bonsai from cuttings. This method takes less time than seeding, nor is the future stem shape already visible. In spring cuttings gives the best chance of success.

Steps of cuttings:

1. Choose a pot with a depth of about 15 cm, with a hole for drainage.

2. The bottom layer of the pot (about 1 / 4 part) should be filled with a coarse soil. Combine this with fine gravel akadama (a type of clay you buy from a bonsai) in the ratio 1 / 2 + 1 / 2.

3. The bottom layer is a layer akadama, fine gravel and potting soil in the ratio: 1 / 2 + 1 / 4 + 1 / 4. This layer is about 3 cm below the pot rim to lie.

4. Practically every tree cuttings is easy, choose the cuttings a healthy and vigorous tree. The cuttings should be normally about 5 to 10 cm long with a thickness of several millimeters. It is best to the top of a small tree or the end of a healthy arm to use. Cut off the site and remember that about half of the length in the ground stabbing.

5. Cut the tip at an angle to promote water absorption. If the site leaves a lot of it is wise to make a number of cutting off.

6. Insert the cuttings cut about half in the ground. Leave enough space between the cuttings so the leaves do not display in the way later. There should be no leaves below ground.

7. Rinse a large amount of water over the stekbed, do this with a fine nozzle and make sure no soil is washed away

The Aftercare
Place the pot outdoors in a sunny spot, preferably sheltered from the wind. The stekbed should be kept moist but not wet. Feel so here with one finger how moist the ground. After one year, the cuttings are put separately, use for repotting or part of the original soil.

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