Bonsai Collection from the Wild (Yamadori)

Yamadori is the Japanese name for the collection of trees from the forest or the mountains, intended for bonsai.
The best time for digging trees is Spring. Note that this method in most forests is prohibited unless you have permission from the administrator.

Roadmap to Yamadori:


First, there is a fit and healthy trees are found. Trees naturally remained small (eg eaten by wildlife or by harsh natural conditions) are suitable for bonsai.


The excavation of the tree must be very carefully done the right way to the soil around the roots as digging out the roots, the soil in which they grew, untouched. It is wise to what a bag of sand to bring the original.


Wrap the root ball of twine in some damp towels. In this way the tree in a plastic bag safely transported. Make sure that the tree in a not too distant future is put in a pot.


The pot must be quite large, since the tree has yet to be formed (to form a developed root system is a requirement, which only developed in a larger pot). At the bottom of the pot a layer of fine gravel to ensure good drainage.


Mix sand with the original Akadama and fine gravel, in a ratio of 1 / 4 + 2 / 4 + 1 / 4. This soil mix fills the pot further to about 1 / 4 part. Take the tree out of the sheets and place it in the middle of the pot, where the sands of the root ball intact. Fill the pot now continue with the soil mix.


Rinse a large amount of water over the pot, do this with a fine nozzle and make sure no soil is washed away.

The Aftercare

Place the pot outdoors in a sunny spot, preferably sheltered from the wind. The soil should be kept moist but not wet. Feel so here with one finger how moist the ground. After one year wortelgestelsel is so highly evolved that the tree can be formed. Let him grow unrestrained in the meantime.

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