Bonsai nursery plant shapes

Preformed nursery plants are widely available at garden centers do, (tree) bonsai growers and centers. Precisely because they are formed between these specimens are sometimes very well be used for bonsai.

Growing bonsai from nursery plants has advantages and disadvantages. A major advantage is that the plant immediately after purchase can be formed, so you see immediate results. A disadvantage is that large branches, or even part of the trunk should be shorten. That way you leave so ugly wounds.

Roadmap for the selection:

Select nursery plants begin their tribes rejuvenation (including the trunk thicker than at the top) and the course of the stem are important.

Once you have found a suitable tree you check the roots, gently remove the tree from its pot, so you can see if the roots are developed. Also note the root base.

Now the tree branches are seen, usually have a lot of branches to be pruned (sometimes more than half) to a good end result. Too many branches does not matter, or too little!

Purchase the tree only if it conforms to these points and you really see in the future. Sometimes found at the first nursery plants beautiful, but sometimes only at the fifth … In general, nursery plants are not very expensive, experience shows that price differences are very large between the different farms.



After purchasing the tree can be formed directly, do so only when the tree is healthy! Just leave the tree in its pot and repotted it until spring. It is wise to fertilize the tree directly to ensure a healthy growth.

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