Bonsai shapes: bending of copper

Bonsai forms: tension.

Tension is actually a variant of wiring, not only runs the thread along the branches but the branches downward bent by a wire from the branch vertically down tight and fasten it to the pot.

The bending of old branches are risky because they are easily damaged when wiring. In these cases, brought a much safer way to bend branches down.


How to Clamp:

1. Cut a small piece of eg a towel from around 2 x 4 cm. This piece is between the branch and the wire to lie in order to damage the bark of the tree to avoid.

2. Cut a piece of copper wire and wrap one end around the branch several times with a piece of cloth between.

3. Tighten down the wire and attach it to the pot for example or by wrapping it in the pot.

4. Tighten the branch in the beginning not too far down, build the tension in a few months until the desired result.

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