Raising bonsai itself from seed or Misho in Japan

Grow bonsai from seeds (Misho)

Misho is the Japanese name for growing a bonsai from seed. This method takes the most time of all the ways to grow Bonsai. But it is also true that from the beginning, the tree can grow checked and also the costs are very low.

First there must be adequate seeds of desired species are collected or purchased. Seeds such as acorns and chestnuts are easy to find in the forest, seeds of coniferous species (conifers) are located in pine cones. To access them you must collect pine cones in a warm place, then rolling the seeds between the scales come naturally. Planting the seeds occurs only in early spring.


Before sowing, the seeds overnight in water to be soaked to see which are viable, the seeds will sink to the bottom to germinate. The floating seeds are discarded.

Steps of sowing:

1 Choose a pot with a depth of 15 cm, with a hole for drainage.

2 The bottom layer of the pot (about 1 / 4 part) should be filled with a coarse soil. Mix this with fine gravel Akadama (a type of clay available at every Trade Bonsai) in the ratio 1 / 2 + 1 / 2.

3 The bottom layer is a layer Akadama, fine gravel and soil, in a ratio of 1 / 2 + 1 / 4 + 1 / 4. This layer is about 3 cm below the rim of the pot to lie.

Put the seeds on top of the ground, a distance of 2-5 cm (depending on seed size).

The top seeds, the last coat of Akadama and potting soil in the ratio 1 / 2 + 1 / 2.

Rinse a large amount of water over the seed bed, do this with a fine nozzle and make sure no soil is washed away.

the Aftercare

Place the pot outdoors in a sunny spot, preferably sheltered from the wind. The seedbed should be kept moist but not wet. Feel so here with one finger how the soil is moist. After one year the seedlings can be put separately, use for repotting or part of the original soil.

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