Bonsai pests and diseases are quicker to care for incorrect

Diseases and pests of bonsai

Unfortunately, it often happens that trees are sick. Especially newly purchased bonsai are more susceptible to disease or treatment failures, partly because the tree suddenly in a completely different environment afterwards.

Against various pests is plenty to do, but is best avoided! By taking good care of your bonsai, he will not get sick the first place, a healthy tree is also much better able to survive illnesses. When a bonsai tree does get sick it is very likely that he was wrong was provided. The best solution is therefore to understand what went wrong in order to prevent worse.

Care errors and their consequences

the pitch
Trees that are placed in the wrong place will naturally get into trouble.
A common mistake is to place outdoor bonsai inside and vice versa. Moreover, some trees do not tolerate long shadow, and again no full sun. Also an excess of air can be harmful.
The solution is simple, namely placing the tree in the right place.
But how do you know that as a beginner to a tree stand? Of course there is a general location, but then are some exceptions. It is therefore important to know what kind of tree you have, so you can ask where he should be placed.

Many problems are also caused by weather, combined with his own mistakes.
A good example of this is unexpected frost, the trees are not protected then the chances are that you destroy trees freeze. Especially newly formed or newly transplanted trees are susceptible to frost. It is therefore important for the weather to keep a close eye.
Besides cold is (extreme) heat dangerous. Some trees can not stand sunlight, so place it in the (half) shade. During warm weather, trees that need little watering dishes are much more than trees in relatively large pots, sometimes 2x a day. Especially sunlight with strong winds are dangerous because the evaporation of the leaves is greatest in those moments.
Further rain is a factor that must be taken. During the winter trees, a small amount of water, when the long rains, you would not just watering. Besides a shortage of water there is such a thing as too much water to prevent root rot, the trees in the right soil mixture to be planted and not too often or too much to be watered.

When the tree is properly cared for is the chance to get much smaller diseases. Yet it is always possible for a lice settle on the leaves. It is best to let the tree view to an expert. Pesticides (room) for bonsai plants are also used, but with half the quantity.

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