Choose the right pot for a bonsai is very important

The right to choose a bonsai pot.

The value of choosing the right pot is often underestimated. Only when a bonsai in a well-fitting shell is planted it will fully come into its own.

For bonsai are special bowls made​​. Normally, these pots are imported from Asia. In general, the pots from Japan of the best quality, but a lot more expensive. As a bonsai until full justice is in the proper pot is advisable not to cut too much.
The pots are made ​​of high quality clay and fired at high temperatures so that they are frost-free. Trees that are still in development and not yet fully formed, often in relatively large pots so as to ensure healthy growth. Trees are not suddenly put in a small pot, because they would not survive. It is important to the tree has to get used to smaller pots, repotting every main roots should be further pruned.

Size, shape and color
There are several things that needs to be held to find the right pot for your bonsai, including:

The color of your tree and any flowers.

The height and width of the tree.

The style in which the tree is formed.

Choosing the correct size
There are a few tips related to the size of a pot, they are no rules because every tree is different:

The pot should be slightly wider than 2 / 3 of the height of the tree

For trees that are wider than high wider than the pot 2 / 3 of the width of the tree should be.

At high, slender trees the pot slightly less wide than the width of the branches.

The depth of the pot must be equal to the thickness of the root collar.

The cascade style is an exception concerning the depth: In this style, the depth of the pot in balance with the tree.

Choosing the shape and color
The color and shape of a pot are very important. There are both glazed and unglazed pots in various colors and sizes.
The striking color of the tree determines the color of the pot. This is the color of the stem or the leaves, but also any flowers.

A few tips:

Dark green and dark blue: Trees with a predominant color, like yellow, orange, pink or red.

Grey or off-white: Trees with a predominant blue color. Also good for deciduous trees with a trunk light color.

Brown and unglazed: Conifers and some pine species

In general, the pot is not too prominently, so that will focus on the tree itself. The shape of the pot is very important, but are no special rules attached. Choosing an appropriate pot is finally on taste. Make sure you have pots with good drainage, there must be at least one drainage hole in it.

When a suitable pot is found it is very important to the last tree on a right way to install:
With square, round and polygonal pots: in the middle
For rectangular and oval pots: off center, in the rear of the pot as seen from the front.

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