Abies procera noble fir or a perfect Christmas tree that smells good and does not lose needles

The Nobilisspar (Abies procera, syn. Abies nobilis)

Latin name: Abies procera Abies nobilis was formerly called.
Dutch name: Nobilisspar / noble fir
Family: Pine Family (Pinaceae)
Leaf color: Blue Green
Height: 10 m above
Evergreen: Evergreen / evergreen
Hardiness: hardy
Location: Sun, partial shade
Crop type: conifer / conifer
Habitat: Normal Soil

If this fir tree with the shiny blue-green needles suitable. The upward curved blunt needles are soft and so they do not sting. Very important for the person home the cleaner in action is that the needles of nobilisspar not fall off.
Another advantage is that tree rather pleasant smell.

It is a fairly slow-growing conifer which originates in North America. In the area of ​​origin, they grow into trees of 40 to 60 meters high with a trunk circumference of two meters. In our country we must be content with a maximum mature height of 20 to 25 meters.

As the needles fall, the branches often used in Christmas pieces.

The oblong cones are between 10 and 20 cm long and are brown as they mature.

Known difference between Abies and Picea.
A distinction between Abies (fir) and Picea (spruce), we can make using these features.

The upright, blunt needles of Abies (fir) feel much softer. The cones are always upright.
The hanging needles of Picea (spruce) are prickly.
When we pull off a needle is a piece of bark (flag) it. The pine cones are still downside.

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