Acer griseum – Paper maple: a tree is not very high and trunk with beautiful autumn coloring

Acer griseum – Paper Maple
Latin name: Acer griseum
Dutch name: Maple Paper

Features of Acer griseum – Paper Maple
Family: Aceraceae
Leaf color: Dark green, with red coloration in autumn
Height: about 7 m
Evergreen: Deciduous
Hardiness: hardy
Location: Sun, Partial shade
Type of plant: Deciduous Tree
Flower Color: Yellow
Flowering time: May-June
Growth Form: Upright
Bottom: Humeus
Humidity: moist
Acidity: Neutral
Special features: Distinctive bark and prominent leaf

A small tree with a distinctive brown bark which nearly transparent sheets of bark with large flakes.
The dark green leaves are brown-red in autumn.

Application and use:
bears fruit – foliage plant – prune-in – bee plant – beautiful autumn colors

This is a kind of beautiful, beautiful color in autumn voids in the sheet will show. Mature trees are about 7 to 10 meters high. The main flowering is in May.

The tribe has the property that during the growth of the bark layer is partly paid off. Then a beautiful mahogany color appeared.

The origin of this strain come from China. Smalkronige this tree is loved for its bark – brown with lighter spots cork each year in wide strips of peel twist – a straight trunk and 9 m wide. In autumn the small, dark green leaves scarlet.

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