Aesculus mutabilis ‘Induta’ / miniature horse as a special tree for small gardens.

In a small garden trees are important: a shady spot to have the structure in the winter and the height function. Fortunately there is plenty of options for trees come in all sizes. If you have a small garden, your choice will not easily fall in a chestnut tree. The horse is usually an impressive tree of many meters high and fits better in a park.

But there are exceptions: Aesculus mutabilis’ Induta is a small tree that has the appearance of a rounded shrub. The tree is grafted onto a rootstock and the amount of which determines the total height. It is a slow grower and usually reaches a height and width of 2.5 meters. In most gardens will not be too large. He was even in a large container on a patio or balcony can stand. In that case, it is important that there is some shelter from harsh winds.

It is a very beautiful tree, which at a young age in full bloom with flowers of salmon pink candles, ending in soft yellow. The flowers are shorter and blunter than we are accustomed chestnuts. The first week of May because the enjoy the flowers bloom abundantly and multiply.
Thereafter, the ornamental tree into the shape of the tree as a whole but also by the beautiful foliage.
The palmate leaves have a blue-gray color and is long to steal, what a graceful impression. The leaves are elongated and narrower than most chestnuts.
The tree should not be too dry but requires no special care.

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