Ailanthus altissima of hemelboom

Ailanthus altissima tree of heaven is a large tree that is highly resistant to polluted air
heaven Tree

Ailanthus altissima (bone)
Tree-of-Heaven, Chinese sumac, paradise tree (Eng.)
Ailante glanduleux, faux lacquer du Japon (French)
Götterbaum (German)
Simaroubaceae – heaven family tree

For this tree to its full potential, we must have a large garden. He is best when solitary in a park or park-like garden where he us on hot summer days by cooling gives its wide crown.


The sky tree is native to China, Australia, the Moluccas and North Korea. He was first described by the Englishman Philip Miller (1691-1771) and in 1751 to Europe and North America are imported. Chinese brought into the tree during the gold rush in California in 1850. In old gold mines are still found descendants of these trees. They sow in tropical and subtropical areas easily and tend by their rapid growth to smother other vegetation. Heaven Trees in their youth can form a thick bush, have a poisonous exhalation which no vegetation is possible.


Ailanthus is derived from the Moluccan alianto word and means tree to the sky. With the addition altissima = very high, the height nor emphasized (though other species are much higher).

plant Characteristics

The sky is a fast growing tree, to 25 m high, deciduous deciduous tree. He has robust branches and is 15 m wide. The large 60 cm long, odd pinnate, narrow, elliptical leaves have smooth edges and bruising to smell unpleasant. Topblaadje often lacking. They appear late in the spring. The stems are softly hairy.

The flowers are small, greenish white and are erect bunches. They are like nectar to their insect visitors.

The fruits are up to 5 cm long nuts that are close together. They are yellow-green to pink. The seeds are located between two long, twisted wings. The tree is dioecious.

The bark is smooth and light stripes.

In old age, the celestial tree jagged branches in the crown. It can reach a size of 30 meters.

The sky tree is dioecious, meaning that females and males are. The female bear after flowering in June / August orange plumes occurring in late summer to reddish brown, winged fruit.

Interestingly, the celestial tree, leaves late in coming, often until late May

The tree is often a lot of storage root and spreads himself too easily. He makes a robust impression, but is not as strong as it seems. After 30 years, he is very sensitive to wind and snow.


The sky tree likes warmth, light and space. Of poor urban air and exhaust pulls himself nothing. On the ground, he no special requirements.


When the tree space, a lawn for example, he need not be pruned. Its natural form, but the best to his right.


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