Catalpa or trumpet tree wilt

In recent years we get more and more how it is that the Catalpa in the garden that receives branches wither. This is the Catalpa wilt caused by soil fungi, which primarily occur in poor soil or too wet pitch. The trumpet tree known for its delicate roots than infected by soil fungi (Verticillium) from the ground. Once the fungi inside the roots they will get through the transport system throughout the entire plant spread. Such systemic spread of the branches is done through the vascular bundles by the multiplication of the fungus will eventually shut lips. This will sapcirculatie and water sealed. Externally you can get an early sometimes see change and leaf arrangement at a later stage occurs bladverwelking and leaf yellowing on. If you are an affected branch afsnoeit is a light brown discoloration of the vascular tissue to see.

When a diseased tree, more and more branches, leaves and flowers fade. Leaves turn yellow, turn brown and die. The roots are also brown and dying. Sometimes additional Bolcatalpagevormd new roots.

Many people will prune off infected branches. This may not be processed through a chipper for by the spread of the fungus hakselhout given a free hand throughout the entire garden. The branches may therefore best to a green park for green waste will be charged. The containers of these services go beyond green to specialized composteerfirma’s where the final turn, receives a thorough steam so that the latter fungi and weed seeds are destroyed. The Lopper, the pruner or saw that the branches used for pruning the affected branches should be thoroughly disinfected afterwards.
The owner of the garden pruned diseased Catalpa will be happy when he next growing season are neatly tree looks ahead. Yet the supposedly healing tree wither every year. Wilting usually occur on hot days, since they can damage the vascular bundles large amount of water that leaves the need for evaporation anymore. Followed after a cool dry season and wetter period then it seems as if the tree recovers but every year the disease will become more and more to spread around the tree so the trumpet tree will eventually die completely.

tree with the pod Catalpa income wilt is caused by two different types of soil fungi:

Verticillium albo-atrum
Verticillium dahliae

This cause of vascular wilt and can often be for very long in the soil remain in the form of sclerotia or chlamydosporen. If one wants the same place yet again a place Catalpa one must thoroughly disinfect the soil. This can be done by letting steam or chemical soil disinfestation. Alternatively, you can dig the soil deeply and replaced with healthy soil. If you prefer not to place sensitive Catalpa put more though, make sure that there are other trees susceptible to this fungus. We refer to Acer (maple), Cercis (Judas tree), Fraxinus (ash), Robinia (Acacia), Tilia (linden), Ulmus (elm), Vitis (grape), Berberis (barberry), Cotinus (wig tree), Erica (heather), Ligustrum (privet), Rhus (velvet tree), Ribes, Syringa (lilac) and Viburnum (Snowball bushes).


Affected trees with roots and part of the surrounding ground completely.
The place where the diseased tree was digging deep and thoroughly drain.
Bring plenty of compost and humus to a prior Catalpa to plant. Humus can verticilliumschimmel suppress.


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