Evergreen conifers provide color in the garden

Atmosphere in the garden – January: Conifers else

If you enjoy walking outside in the fresh winter air, are especially conifers. They fill their environment with the green color of life. Crush some leaves of a schubconifeer between your fingers and you smell the spicy summer vacation, pleasant memories. It is a fragrance full of promise and power. The oldest, now living beings on earth are conifers, and they were long before we were there. Their needles or scales are sometimes trapped in amber pieces that actually fossilized resin of conifers is.

In the garden
In the garden conifers provide for continuity and peace. As background or striking element, because conifers are very rich form: there are ground covers, weeping forms, species and their branches to the sky and striking pagoda shapes, sweet balls and wild branches carriers. And those colors. Really not just green. Also yellow, blue, gray, occasionally even something red or white spots. Sometimes pure purple cones, blue or red fruit and yellow to bright red male flowers that spread pollen clouds around (yes, conifers can also thrive!). Conifers boring? Not at all!

Very nice conifers
Do you know that some conifers with the seasons change color? Not as spectacular as the leaves losers. Larch (Larix) is a conifer and a loser leaves, larch needles beautiful yellow color before they fall. Very striking is that the Japanese cypress (Cryptomeria). Especially in the shrub (Cryptomeria japonica ‘Winter Gold’), in the autumn of intense green color and bronze in spring green. Also from Japan, the umbrella pine (Sciadopitys verticillata). For the Ice Ages did this kind in Europe. They are here now grown yet another 150 years. In this plant are long needles like the spokes of an umbrella at the ends of the twigs. Very striking! Another specialty is the fiery serpent (Araucaria araucana) which the English called Monkey Puzzle. It is one of the few conifer species of the southern hemisphere. The peculiar branches, where the leaves overlapping (upwards) against it are, are in whorls on the trunk and show up in despair. This strain is highly conspicuous and space demands, although it grows slowly. Take a look at the garden center. There are many other very beautiful species.

Photo: Cryptomeria japonica ‘Cristata.

Good use
Conifers are basic elements in a garden. Wear them if it were the other plants. Therefore they are often ideal as a quiet background color. But you already understand: you can some conifers as a landmark application. Allows you to buy good advice on their growth rate. Most grow slowly and stay small very long. They are even pots and planters on balconies and terraces. Conifers make few demands, but never put them in the drip or on the trip. And remove the pot or kluitlap when you plant.

Garden Tips for January
Doing nothing. Just enjoy, such as the birds in your garden. Give them food, even pieces of fruit for the vitamins.
Garden maps for a few months. It is so spring again!.
Your container plants in winter storage control. There in good weather and maybe even vent a little water.
Is your garden tools ready for use again? Should anything be cut, repaired, newly purchased?
Grape and kiwi can be pruned now.
Do not walk on frozen grass.

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