Choose the right tree for the right pitch

The right tree in the right place
In a garden trees determine the character of their dimensions and proportions. They make for altitude operation, commitment, a vision screen, space allocation, shadow and color. It is important for every garden and every design to select the right tree.

Light and shadow
Light is an important factor in location choice. The effect of a tree, the branch and leaves large or small depends on the location relative to the Sun A tree that stands between us and the Sun (where the sun shines through the leaf) is much better than if we have the sun behind us. Moreover, the position of the sun in the summer other than in the winter.
Deciduous trees are better on the south side of a house and planted evergreen trees on the north side. Deciduous trees on the south side of a house show in the winter when the sun is low and their branches pattern is virtually unopposed in the light house shine. In summer the light shines through the leaves back and it stays cooler in the house.

More trees together
If there is room for several trees from the viewer to view the trees with the most open crowns are placed front and more ‘dense trees behind to keep the transparency. Care in such a combination is that a clear head shape, like a large upright columnar tree with lower, wider trees as accents. Also consider the growth rates and heights. These should match.

With a variation in color can be remotely suggested. Warm colors like yellow, red and orange, seem closer than calm, cool blue and gray tones. This effect is good to apply in a garden. You have such depth with them. This principle works even if you strongly red (leaf) in the foreground with blue (leaf) applied in the background. The gap seems much larger.

How we experience a garden space, depends on a sense of openness or seclusion.
Resolve is determined by the higher things we look at them. These may be buildings, but also trees. Are too high, then we can feel trapped. However, there are no trees in a garden or other fixed objects upright, as if it lacks the vertical dimension

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