Dead Tree Bones

Bones or Dead Tree Gymnocladus

Dead Bones Boom Boom or Deer Antlers
Scientific name: Gymnocladus

The bones of the dead tree is a rare tree in our country we usually find a solitary tree park.

Gymnocladus diocia

Origin Gymnocladus
The bones tree is native to eastern North America and grows in river valleys and flood plains.

Gymnocladus the name is derived from Greek and means “naked branch”, which refers to the bare branches during much of the year.
Dioica means “dioecious”, meaning that male and female trees.

Gymnocladus diocia in winter

The Dutch name bones knekelvormige tree covers the base of the petiole or on the bony, dead and bare branches of winter silhouette. Deer Antler Tree refers to the antler-like bare branches in winter.

Gymnocladus diocia in autumn

Plant Characteristics
The bones tree is 25 meters high and has an open, irregular, loose crown. With us he is not higher than 10 m. The young stems are lustreless gray to gray-blue frosting. The thick stem is dark and mature trees deeply furrowed. The leaves are twice pinnate and up to 70-90 cm long. The individual leaves are oval smooth edges and long, pointed top. The green-white flower clusters appear in June, the female trees. The fruits are 10-20 cm long dark brown, hard pods in the fall and winter unopened while a slight rattling sound.

flowers Gymnocladus diocia

The bones of the dead tree easily recognizable by its large leaves in summer and its major branches structure which in bones seem, in the winter. The tree can withstand heat, drought and air pollution.

In his home country seems doodsbeenderenboomeen much of the year making him sleep in North America also dead tree’genoemd is.
He has a beautiful autumn colors, golden yellow to orange.

Leaves Gymnocladus diocia

Species of trees bones

Gymnoclasdus chinensis is the kind of home in China
Gymnocladus burmanicus in Burma.

The former Indians of Kentucky and the first English pioneers used the roasted seeds to make a kind of ‘coffee’ in brewing because real coffee was not for them affordable. Hence the English name ‘coffee tree. The seeds are slightly poisonous if too much of that.

The seeds could also be used as buttons for clothing.

pods of Gymnocladus diocia

The heavy, hard wood is used for fence posts and to build cabins. Forests in certain areas are likely planted by North American Indians.

We offer one of the bones as a park tree tree.

Dead Tree Bones (Deer Antler Tree)

Gymnocladus diocia (Bot.)
Kentucky coffee tree, coffee bean American (Eng.)
Americanization Geweihbaum Cher (German)
Chicot du Canada (French)

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