Christmas Tree care

Tips for the Christmas tree care

In a previous article we already talked about the types of trees that one can buy in the market. See: Christmas tree species and their properties

Now that we have chosen a tree, we will also ensure the best care we want to needle loss. Following maintenance tips are also important to the Christmas period, the chances of success when planting in the garden to increase.


During the Christmas period may well freeze. If the selected tree is fresh from the field or on a country estate was sold, it is recommended that this tree in cold weather to gradually acclimatize. We put the Christmas tree first day in a cool shed or garage to let him adjust to the warmer temperature. Thereafter, he moved his permanent place even warmer.

Note that the Christmas tree too close to heaters or incandescent state. This speeds up the evaporation of the tree in winter is at rest, causing dehydration and loss of needles under way.
Near a heater stand is indeed not advisable for potential fire risks that this entails.

Place the tree in a bright place without direct sunlight can shine.

To prevent dehydration, we put the Christmas tree always away from drafts. A place next to a door 20 times a day and closing is not recommended.

Try the humidity of the chamber high enough to keep dry because air will ensure that rapid needle loss.

If the tree is potted then it can depend on its size immediately a few liters of water.
In the period that the tree is indoors every day he gets quite a half to one liter of water.

The pot must be sufficient. Around the soil there is still enough space to land to apply. The pot must be provided with bottom holes for excess water in a onderzetteil can be collected.

peak / peak
The Christmas tree is still larger than expected and can not under the ceiling? Then there is nothing else than the top out of them. This can but if you have it out later replanting, please note that the plant the next year will create more new highs. Multiple spikes ensure that the tree grows and its shape so you’d better cut it out and leave only the best.

needle loss
Everyone knows one or more tricks to losing the needles to a minimum. Note that no trees have needles that are older than 3 years. The Christmas tree will consequently becoming gradually a little needles fall.

Preserve and plant:

If you have good previous care tips can you run a good chance that the Christmas tree back outside in the garden can be planted.
After the Christmas period can still freeze well. Therefore we in cold weather the tree gradually back to the cold hardening. Place the tree so first time several days in a cool, light room before we bring him outside. Bring the tree as it is not freezing in the plant pot and all into place. Try to keep soil on the roots. For it is the fine hair roots (not visible to the naked eye) that ensure the water intake. If the soil around the roots, crumbling it thicker main roots with this major break down. Can you transplant the plant without soil erosion will this tree much more likely to survive.
In order to switch on the Christmas tree properly can also watch some compost or potting mix in plantput.

If all the above care and uitplanttips followed, you can use the next few years of a beautiful evergreen fir tree in the garden to enjoy.

Good luck.
Already wish you a Merry Christmas.
Kurt Voss Aert

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