giant sequoia

Sequoia, one of the largest trees in the world

one of the largest giant sequoia tree in the world

The Spaniard Giovanni Crespi in 1769 participated in an expedition to California, reports on the first European giant conifers, which he had never seen before. He did not know then that he had discovered trees that belong to the largest on earth. It was a mammoth tree trunk diameter of 13 m reach. They were imported into Europe around 1850.

Distribution of giant sequoia

California runs from north to south the huge mountains of the Sierra Nevada. On the western slopes of the giant sequoia trees grow. Committed to the American pioneer in the conservation is due to the Sequoia National Park was established in 1890. Then it was already one third of the deforestation.
Typical of the growing conditions are dry summers and cold, snowy winters. The largest giant sequoia, “General Sherman’genoemd” is probably the largest living thing on earth. Its height is 83.8 m, its perimeter 31 m. The age of the largest sequoias is from 1800 to 2700 years is estimated.

Forest fires are of great importance for the sequoia file. A fire destroyed the undergrowth undergrowth and on the small seeds of giant trees a chance to germinate. Because of their thick bark trees are protected from the flames. If there are no fires occur frequently, it’s because of massive growth of shrubs and other trees to so called “hot fires” that far into the crowns of the sequoias advance and properly damage. The park service encroaches founded with artificial light.
With us, sequoia trees in parks, gardens and large gardens planted.
Plant Characteristics of the giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)

The Sequoia is an evergreen tree with a conical crown. The branches grow irregularly from the trunk. The top task is created, while the lower branches drooping to set buds. In old trees the top starts to become less and less pointed. Also lose the lower branches.
The trunk is wide and the bottom after about 2 meters narrower. The fibrous husk can be dented easily by hand, making him the nickname ‘boksboom’heeft received.
The needles are small and grow from the branches spiraling. They are bluish green and smells of aniseed friction.
It is a eenhuizge tree, ie there are male and female trees. The male flowers at the ends of the lots are small and yellow, the female cones are long green.
The seed-bearing cones are ovoid, at first green, later reddish brown lignified. The bark is reddish brown, furrowed stringy and soft.
The giant sequoia is extremely stable and strong winds blowing even never. This is due to the conical structure. But lightning can not protect himself.

Plant Advice

If you want a giant sequoia in your garden plants, you should note the following: he has a lot of space and a solid surface that is permeable. He is hardy and loves a spot in the Sun
Pruning is not necessary.

giant sequoia:

Sequoiadendron giganteum (Bot.)
Giant Sequoia, giantredwood, sierra redwood (Eng.)
Sequoia answered (French)
Riesen-Sequoie, Riesen-Mammutbaum (German)

Taxodiaceae – moerascipresfamilie


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