Laburnum full or long yellow racemes

Golden Rain (Laburnum) laburnum avenue

Botanical name: Laburnum anagyroides

Golden Chain Tree (Eng.)

Commun Cytise, Bois de Lièvre, Ebenier Faux (French)

Gold Rain, Bohnenbaum, Kleebaum (German)

Leguminosae – butterfly flower family

Blooms in May and June the golden rain with a large amount of long golden butterfly flower clusters. It is a shrub or tree to 9 m high.

Native is the golden rain in South Eastern Europe, the southern Alpine flower of the golden rain, sunny southern France in forests and thickets (up to 2000 m) on dry, lime – and nutrient-rich soil.

The word is the Laburnum change shape (anagram) from the Latin word alburnum. It means rot and refers to the problems that can arise when pruning the tree. Anagyroides is derived from the legume plant Anagyris.

Plant Characteristics

The leaves of the laburnum are long stalked, elliptical and ternate. The underside is light gray to green and finely hairy. It blooms with yellow butterfly flowers 10-20 cm long, hanging clusters. The fruits are 4-8 cm long pods, at first silky hairs, later matbruin. The bark is smooth and greenish brown.

Laburnum is deciduous and hardy.

flowers of Laburnum alpinum


The golden rain grows on all soil types, except for wet soil. For the long roots, it is important that the soil is permeable. Conveniently, a spot with partial shade. The best he stands as a solitary, but you can also walk or a deciduous flowering tunnel of it. For this you need a sturdy metal rack is required. The branches in the spring can tie them. The branches are tied horizontally and topped in summer. Thereby promotes the formation of flowering shoots.


The golden rain tree or shrub does not like to be pruned. The danger is that in the wood cavities occur where rainwater stops. This allows the tree to rot. However, you can remove dead wood.

branch with pods pods of the golden rain types

The Laburnum alpinum has larger flower heads that smell good. The particularity of the Laburnum alpinum ‘Pendulum’, the overhanging branches and fragrant flowers.

L. x watereri ‘Vossii is a small tree or large shrub with odorless flowers.

Very special Laburnum adami cytissus with yellow, pink or purple-pink flowers. But when the flowering is over, it looks not very attractive.

The anagyroides Laburnum (laburnum common) spreads easily from.


The wood of the laburnum is very hard and almost black. It looks like polished ebony. It is sometimes used for fine woodwork.

Attention! The pods of the laburnum are TOXIC! The tree is not suitable for small gardens where children play and dogs.

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