Maclura pomifera of osagedoorn

Maclura pomifera osagedoorn or one not often seen striking appearance with tree fruits
Maclura pomifera:

Synonym: Cudrania
Dutch name: osagedoorn
Family: Moraceae or moerbeifamilie
Bloom Color: Yellow
Flowering period: May-June
Leaf color: dark green (yellow autumn color)
Height: up to 15 meters
Evergreen: deciduous
Hardiness: hardy. Young trees are still susceptible to frost.
Crop species: deciduous tree
Special features: remarkable fruit (not edible)
Habitat: normal bottom
Origin: Southern states of the USA.

A deciduous tree up to 15 meters high and 10 meters wide can grow.
The osagedoorn has a nice cracked bark.

The branches have next to dark green leaves too sharp thorns that you should not touch. Remember that these thorns wounds often lead to inflammation. In the United States were long rows of kilometers osagedoorn planted in order to define the fields with the cattle impenetrable hedges.

Blooms in summer with small yellow flowers. It is a dioecious plant a tree in which either male or female flowers possession. For trees with fruit to get you then have at least one female and one male tree is necessary and will of course only the female trees bear fruit is also effective. At the end of the summer, they appear round light green to yellowish compound wrinkled fruits. When you broach the fruit, a white, sticky sap. These 5 to 10 cm high false fruits are not suitable for human consumption.

The trees thrive in full sun and in areas with hot summers. Yet they are fully hardy in our climate.

Propagation from seed is the osagedoorn or by taking cuttings.

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