trained trees and topiaries: species of trees and their applications

Form and trained trees: trees that moderation

The problem with trees in gardens is that they often grow up too fast. Using specially bred and trained trees, form is no longer necessary. Their popularity grows quickly. Also because they are so tight with their perfect fit in modern and classical gardens. There are many types of guided and pruned into shape trees for sale with a girth of 10 to 50 cm in crown shape and size you want. The measure initially and keep them by planting them once a year to prune.

These trees are also often a form or Leireken delivered. Then the pruning is very easy: easy to prune the shelf and have another year of fun. Trees form asking no more space than you want to give. Because the crown size is limited, remains the root volume under control. Trees can be very old form by pruning and keep them strong. A breeder is approximately 7 to 15 years of working on a slate or a good tree shape tree. So you buy a product that has been cultivated with great care.

A lot of options: plenty of choices
Trained trees were already known in antiquity: in the plane clipped trees and were led from the start of our era in every Roman garden. Especially leif window of apples (Malus), pears (Pyrus) and plums (Prunus) is still very important: leif diamond types give maximum yield of high quality in a small area and all kinds of beautiful flowers. Equally well known are the magnificent trained lime trees, such as summer linden (Tilia platyphyllos), as well as maples (Acer), hornbeam (Carpinus), elm (Ulmus) and various other trees like to be lead. The shape of the trees are mostly flat plane clipped the roof like a southern European village squares span, very familiar. But these umbrella-shaped to flat “roofs” are also possible with species such as mulberry (Morus) again and lime. Such a tree is great for your patio. Columnar (if you want even lower betakt) are of maple, hornbeam, linden, beech, etc. spheres on the tree can be pruned so, but there are also species that already occur naturally rounded crown (bignonioides Catalpa ‘Nana’ , Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Umbraculifera). There are also blocks and pyramidal shapes and kinds of pollarded trees pruned trees like willow. That are actually shaped trees, like many flowering cherry (Prunus) with various crown shapes (from bulb to columnar) are available.

Very widely applicable
Solid design determines the contemporary garden design. Lei and topiary fit it perfectly. Especially when steering at 2.5 m above a terrace, a beautiful green and blooming fence or wall along access ramp, a 2 m high barrier or 4 m high hedge on legs “to viewing submissions. Continued leif small window makes it great even in pots on balconies and terraces. Planting trees above your patio besdragende not like the fruit stain, such as the black mulberry is the case, and ask to purchase the service. This varies by species, but trained trees (especially fruit) ask more detailed pruning and care rather than form trees once a year (even truncated forms every few years) have to be pruned.

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