Mespilus germanica of medlar

Mespilus germanica medlar or fruits are delicious if you do not hang too long.

Magisterial medlar Facts

Because the medlar gesukkeld way to forget, do I make a passionate plea for this graceful small tree to restore.
What they have ever dared to say the fruit does no good suspect, “As rotten as a medlar,” people say sometimes. But the resultant impression is totally wrong. Medlars are delicious as they are fair, not if they are rotten.

The medlar was the Latin name of Linnaeus Mespilus germanica. He thought the medlar tree originally grew in Germany, but that was wrong. Probably the medlar tree with the Romans came along to our region. Fortunately, because the medlar tree is a large shrub to love.

Why you such a tree in your yard to get, I tell all sorts of pleasures:

Shrub-like tree

This shrub looks more like a tree, is certainly no greater than 6 meters. She is beautiful in shape and has beautiful large flowers in spring. Want a small shrub that will choose Mespilus germanica ‘Nottingham’. The Nottinghamvruchtjes are also small, but they have a very good taste. Would you rather large raw fruits, choose Mespilus germanica ‘Breda Giant’. There are many more types to choose from.

As a sapling must first know what can and can not do. Therefore you should keep three or four main branches. In the third winter pruning you of those main road. Not too much pruning a mature tree, because then you get a whole series of horizontal shoots and that’s not so beautiful. Medlar Fruits grow on two-year wood. Just be patient.

Tasty fruit

The fruits can medlar medlar liqueur and puree to make unforgettable.
You have to wait until the fruits are soft: the vriezeman has been through the hard fruits. Then they are soft (stock market) and if you leave them any longer, they are rotten. You can only knew wegkieperen.

You can eat raw fruits. Our grandparents sucked the pulp out of the medlar jacket and spit out the seeds. That was good, because the seeds contain toxic hydro cyanic acid, a substance which tastes like almonds. The flesh tastes a little sour and makes some think of cinnamon.

You can store the longest if the fruits with the stems onhoog them, side by side convenience. Put them on a cardboard lid, side by side. They do not connect with plastic.

Medlar is used in many recipes

Forgot last year medlar delicious puree it?
Here is a good recipe for making medlar medlar compote or mousse


Medlars (enough for 1 liter boiled knitting)
½ kg sugar jelly
½ lemon
heaped teaspoon mixed spice

Compote sounds so common for this delicacy. For applesauce, apple pie, rice pudding, the Belgian cheese sandwich, this old fruit (prepared as described below) heaven:

Wash medlar soft and cut them into pieces.
Add a little water to prevent them sticking.
Allow to come to a boil.
Put them through a food mill (PasseVite)
Take 1 liter of brown mush and add ½ kg of sugar at jelly. The packaging of the sugar is 2 +1 (two volumes of fluid and a quantity of sugar).
Add the juice of ½ lemon.
If you want something sweeter, do you still fine ¼ kg sugar.
Add 1 small heaped teaspoon mixed spice and cook, as on the packaging state of the sugar, cook three minutes.
Fill jars filled, turn the screw lid and let cool.

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